Amazon claims its cloud storage capacity is “unlimited,” Prompting one resourceful enthusiast to test it with millions of gigabytes of porn.

A Man Backing Up Millions Of GB Of Porn May Have Ended Amazon's 'Unlimited' Cloud Storage Plan.

There used to be a time when CDs and flash drives were a godsend, Allowing us to digitally store
anything we felt like for later perusal. Sure, They’re used to some extent, But cloud storage has largely overtaken those forms in our day to day usage. We remotely save and access data everyday from our computers and smartphones.

While a lot of these cloud storage providers offer a subscription based “unlimited plan”, One user set out to find just how unlimited they actually are. More specifically, How much would Amazon’s unlimited data plan let you hoard. Reddit user beaston02 seemed determined to discover the upper limits of Amazon’s cloud storage, Of which the unlimited plan was killed off earlier in June. In fact, others on Reddit speculate he may be a major reason the plan was killed off. That’s because beaston02 was hoarding a massive cache of porn in his cloud storage account. Specifically, 0ne petabyte (1 million GB) worth of it.

To achieve the feat, Beaston02 compiled a code that would record public shows from a number of adult webcam sites, Including CamSoda, Chaturbate, And MyFreeCams. “It is nearly entirely porn,” He posted on Reddit. “Ever since I got into computers, I found myself learning more, And faster when it was something more interesting. Call me crazy, But women interest me more than most other things on the internet and there is a huge amount of data being created daily, So it was a good fit for the project.”

Beaston02 eventually ditched the project when his interest waned a couple of months ago, Stopping just shy of the 1.8 petabyte mark, and making his collection available on GitHub. Other Redditors have now joined forces on what they’re calling the ‘Petabyte Porn Project’, Continuing to archive these public cam shows on both Amazon and Google’s cloud storage. So just how much porn does 1 petabyte add up to? Well, An average 720p video would work out to about 2GB per hour. However, Most cam websites offer a significantly lower quality, Making it best to average them at about 480p. That means, At about 0.7GB per hour, Beaston02 archived approximately 293 year's worth of porn.