First Prototype Of RED’s Hydrogen One Hands-On.

As expected, The Hydrogen One is…Unique. "Brownlee" had the opportunity to gets his hands on three separate prototypes during his time with RED, 

Including a fit and finish model without a working display, A model that didn’t look
like the final product but did feature a working holographic display, And a second fit and finish model that had a modular attachment similar to Moto Mods.

The sheer number of materials on the back of the phone is overwhelming, As are the grippable grooves on the sides of the phone. The power button on the right side doubles as a fingerprint scanner, While the volume button on the left side has actually been split into two separate buttons. There’s also dedicated camera button on the right side.

All in all, A big thanks to the Brownlee, And his reaction to the Hydrogen One was pretty positive. You can watch the full video below...