How to enable Galaxy S8 camera quick launch.

How to quickly launch the Galaxy S8 camera with the power button.

The Galaxy S8's camera shortcut has moved from the home button to the power button. Here's how it works.

On the Galaxy S6 and S7, The camera app was easily accessible by double-pressing the physical home button from anywhere — screen on or off, and in any app. But the Galaxy S8 has no physical home button, which necessitated a change of strategy.

By default, The Galaxy S8 will launch the camera app if you double press the Power button. You can choose whether to Turn Off or Keep On the first time you use this shortcut.

But let's say that, perhaps, you were too quick to dismiss the helpful shortcut feature at the beginning. The good news is that you can go into the phone's settings panel to turn it back on.

"How to enable Galaxy S8 camera quick launch"

  1. Open the Settings panel. 
  2. Tap on Advanced Features.
  3. Tap the Quick launch Camera shortcut to enable it.

Now you're back in business with the Galaxy S8's quick launch camera shortcut.