The Galaxy S8 has been extremely leaky, And here we are with latest round of leaks.

There are a ton of new phone announcements coming out of Mobile World Congress, but Samsung isn't unveiling the Galaxy S8 until late March. Samsung might not be waving its new phone around, but other folks certainly are. The Galaxy S8 has been extremely leaky, and the latest round of leaks (in both photo and video form) provide a closer look at the curvy nature of the device.

As is common with leaks, these images were captured in less than ideal conditions, probably with great haste. Additionally, the phones have plastic cases on the back to
obscure parts of the design. 

You still get a very good look at the display, though. Both the standard and Plus variants of the phone have curved screens this year, rumored to be 5.7-inches and 6.2-inches. That's very big compared to last year's 5.1 and 5.5-inch displays. 

In addition to being curved, these displays have rounded corners not unlike the LG G6. However, the GS8's curves look smoother.

The larger displays might not be as uncomfortable to hold as you'd expect. There's almost no bezel around them thanks in part to Samsung's decision to drop the physical buttons at the bottom. Now, there are on-screen buttons for navigating the OS. The leak also confirms the location of the fingerprint sensor—on the back next to the camera. And what's that on the bottom? Definitely still a headphone jack, No Worries.

The video is obviously not shot well, and the camera operator doesn't show much on the phones. It does give you an idea how big they are in the hand. Not huge, actually. 

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 on March 29th at a dedicated Samsung Unpacked event. It will most likely be the first Snapdragon 835 smartphone to hit the market, and it hopefully won't explode.

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