Li-Ion Battery With Inbuilt Fire Extinguisher Successfully Developed By Stanford Researchers

If a lithium-ion battery charges very quickly or - worse - leaks due to a manufacturing error, the result could be catastrophic. Just like the 
Samsung Galaxy Note 7. But no more of that jazz, as Stanford University researchers have successfully designed and tested a lithium-ion battery with a built-in fire extinguishing chemical that stops any fire from breaking out.

According to the research paper from Stanford University on this topic, the researchers successfully managed to pack in triphenyl phosphate (TPP), a flame retardant
substance inside the battery compartment containing the floating Li-ion electrolyte, and released it within 0.4 seconds of the battery temperature reaching 150 degree C.

While researchers have been trying to pack in TPP inside a lithium-ion battery for some time now, it has either always hampered battery performance or not managed to release effectively to contain any ensuing fire. This is the first time Stanford University researchers have managed to accomplish both successfully, giving a huge boost to making Li-ion batteries -- which power almost all modern day electronic gadgets and digital systems -- more fire safe.

Li-ion batteries are subjected to extreme temperatures, as we use them in our daily gadgets -- be it a laptop, smartphone or power bank. Lithium-ion batteries store quite a lot of energy which is designed to be released instantaneously, and over time overcharging or manufacturing defects can make effectively reduce them to exploding bombs.

Any technological advancement that helps make Li-ion batteries safe and secure without hampering their effectiveness is a big boost to its usefulness in powering this modern, digital world of ours.