A six-year-old iPhone 4S with its screen smashed selling for just over Rs 1 crore on eBay.

A Smashed iPhone 4S Is Currently Selling For $149,999 On Ebay With A Bold Claim.

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. A six-year-old iPhone 4S with its screen smashed selling for just over Rs 1 crore on
eBay. What’s so special about it?

The seller is selling the “strictly limited edition Steve Jobs super rare iPhone 4S” for an astronomical price for one simple reason -- the phone’s back panel pays homage to Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs. According to the seller, “1 of only 56 phones made to honour the late Steve Jobs.”

-Seriously? So what’s happening here ??-

If you look at the Apple logo on the back panel of the iPhone 4S up for sale, you’ll see the logo seems different.

It’s because it’s not the official Apple logo, but a modified one that Jonathan Mak designed as a tribute to Steve Jobs, shortly after his death.

Apple logo with Steve Jobs face made by Honk Kong arts student Jonathan Mak in 2011 Not surprisingly, the image went viral and was ripped off shamelessly to make all kinds of unofficial iPhone accessories, posters and memorabilia. It quickly went viral and was ripped off for all kinds of unlicensed accessories, from phone cases to posters.

According to a Yahoo report, a company called Goldgenie decided to roll out an expensive but special edition of iPhone 4S commemorating Steve Jobs, with Jonathan Mak’s Apple logo. And Goldgenie made exactly 56 of such Apple iPhone 4S at the time.

So is the eBay iPhone 4S the same one that Goldgenie made ?? Unfortunately, No. Because the Goldgenie iPhone had a gold back panel, not a transparent glass panel as seems the case on the “fake limited edition” iPhone 4S being sold on eBay -- which is most probably a grey market concoction.

Don’t waste your money. Alert your high-rolling friends, too.