A Noble Hacker Took Over 150,000 Connected Printers To Print Cute Art & A Warning

Network-connected printers are easy to hack into, as demonstrated by a hacker who took over 150,000 printers to expose their security holes by leaving behind cute little printed messages.

The hacker, who goes by the name “stackoverflowin” is looking for unsecured port 9100 on home and office routers to gain access to network-attached printers.
Not to harass or extort, but to educate people around the printer’s vicinity by sending cute little printed messages alerting them of the problem. Like “YOUR PRINTER HAS BEEN PWND’D”. Or...

Several printer brands seem to have been affected by the security hole, including printers from HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Afico, Konica Minolta and Oki -- almost all of these printers have printed warning from stackoverflowin, based on several reports on the Internet.

According to a PC World report, Stackoverflowin claims to be a high-school student from the U.K. who is interested in security research, and his aim is to educate people about security -- not to cause trouble.
Great to see a whitehat using his hacking skills for the greater good! We need more people like Stackoverflowin around, don’t you think?