You Can Still Use The Facebook App On Your Blackberry

Dear blackberry users, missing the Facebook app on blackberry right ?? missing the notifications on hub right ?? and missing everything right ?? yes, of course everyone will gonna miss the facebook app on blackberry :(

You know what ? You can still use the Facebook app on your blackberry and you can get the notifications on your hub, sounds good right :) ok lemme say a few words, one day i was decided to restore ma BB passort to factory settings. After restoring, i was amazed that I was able to using the Facebook app and getting notifications on ma hub too :)

So thought, may be this post will fulfill the BB users thirst ;) May be not for so long but you can stick with the app with out updating it from BB store (Don't update the Facebook app from your BB store, cause the update will take to you to the browser based interface) So leave the update a side. You can use the Facebook app until getting the OS update 10.3.3, So the upcoming update 10.3.3 will take time to release. Officially the releasing date was postponed to mid july. so you can use the Facebook app on blackberry till you get the new os update (i think so...cause I'm not a pro)

Here we go...first things are the first, so back up your stuff and restore the phone. That's it you done :) Cause, i was frustrated after losing the dedicated Facebook app on ma blackberry passport. I tried a lot times to make the Facebook apk to work, But it failed to work. Can say proudly that Iam using the Facebook app with ma passport ;)

Thanks Everyone This Thing Will Make You Smile Cause Im Not Perfect In English ;) Sorry about post :) This Post Will Make You Smile While Using The Facebook App On Your Blackberry :)