iPhone 7 pro a new 5.5-inch flagship device with dual lens camera

The beast in question is the ‘iPhone 7 Pro’, a new 5.5-inch flagship device that will sit above both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus when the three phones are released in September. It’s calling card? A revolutionary dual lens camera. And now MacRumors claims to have attained the first photo of it.

As you might expect for a device not due to be released 6 months, I suspect we’re looking at a prototype here but it ties in with the growing consensus that the iPhone 7 models will carry over much of the iPhone 6/6S design.

Interestingly the discovery has also prompted aftermarket iPhone modification company Feld & Volk to release its own iPhone 7 Pro renders. This paints a far more compelling picture and the last time F&V did this was for the iPhone 6 in 2014 where it nailed every single detail.

Apple possibly splitting its premium iPhone range into three models (four, depending on the pricing of the iPhone SE) and fragmenting their feature sets, which would result in:
  • iPhone 5S – Touch ID but no Apple Pay, 3D Touch or optical image stabilisation in the camera
  • iPhone SE – Touch ID, Apple Pay but no 3D Touch or OIS camera
  • iPhone 7 – Touch ID, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, possible OIS camera (not in iPhone 6S)
  • iPhone 7 Plus – Touch ID, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, OIS but no dual lens camera 
  • iPhone 7 Pro – Touch ID, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, OIS dual lens camera

As such seeing Apple expand its iPhone range to five models apiece would confirm a new strategy of trying to hit every possible price point (by using models of different ages) at the expense of its famous simplicity.

Instead, Apple to adopt a simple ‘Small, Medium, Large’ approach of identically specified (or as near as possible) product lines. For example: iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone Mini, iPhone, iPhone Pro. It would also largely tie in with Apple’s computers: MacBook Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, Mac and Mac Pro. 

Then again Apple tends to be at its best when it surprises us and – based on the consistent leaks starting to appear – it seems the company may have a very big surprise for us in September…:)