Finally! Android watch that doesn't need your phone to operate

Android Wear Doesn't Need Your Phone Anymore

Finally! A watch that doesn't need your phone to operate. Excuse me, I meant a smartwatch that doesn't need your phone to operate.

In a post on its official Android blog Wednesday, Google announced that cell support has arrived for Android Wear smartwatches, effectively untethering the devices from smartphones — as long as the watch has a cellular modem. The LG Watch Urbane LTE is the first Android Wear device to offer LTE compatibility.
All smartwatches prior to the Watch Urbane LTE required either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to communicate. Without them, smartwatches don't do too much more than their conventional counterparts.
An LTE connection lets users take full advantage of their smartwatches when they leave their phone at home. Yes, this will even let you make and answer phone calls from your wrist, which is either incredibly James Bond or incredibly lame.
AT&T is shipping the LG Watch Urbane LTE now and Verizon is currently taking preorders with an on-sale date of November 19. Interestingly, there's a huge price gulf between AT&T and Verizon: the former offers the watch for $199.99 with a two-year contract and $299.99 off-contract, while Verizon is charging $449.99 and $499.99, respectively.
Both cell providers sync the user's phone number between their phone and their Watch Urbane, which adds a level of convenience but a convenience that comes with an additional fee. AT&T charges $10 a month to add the watch to your plan, while Verizon charges $5 per month.
All in all, that's a decent chunk of cash for what seems to be a small convenience rather than a life-changing feature. Take into account the fact that the Watch Urbane isn't exactly the most elegant smartwatch on the market and this deal starts to fall apart.
Untethering smartwatches from their host smartphones is a step towards realizing the full potential of these wearables, but not when it comes with so many drawbacks.