The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is now available for purchase

The New Apple Watch Docking Station Makes Charging Much Easier

Apple officially launched on Wednesday a docking station for the Apple Watch, so you no longer have to awkwardly give your device a battery boost with the existing charger.

The news comes just one day after leaked images of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock surfaced online.
While there have been third-party Apple Watch chargers from companies like Belkin and Griffin in the past, the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock ($79) is Apple's first branded station to make its debut. 
The accessory comes with two modes: Nightstand mode, so it can serve as a bedside clock, and portrait mode, which allows the Apple Watch to be laid flat on top of the dock.
The Nightside mode particularly has a bit of versatility, allowing users to change how the watch buttons work. For example, if you're using it as an alarm, the Digital Crown can serve as the snooze button. 
Previously, the Apple Watch charger forced the device to sit on its side or face downward onto a surface — not a perfect scenario if you wanted to use it as an alarm clock.

For the station, the charging puck and dock are a part of the unit, as well as a Lightning cable that connects to a power adapter for it to work.
Apple continues to look for ways to increase its smartwatch fan base and stir up interest. The company recently offered a $50 discount on its Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch products when consumers purchased a new iPhone. Considering slashed sales are an unusual move for Apple, the move raised eyebrows about how well the Apple Watch is faring, and if it's falling short of expectations.
The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is now available for purchase on and will arrive in Apple retail stores by the end of the week.