Apple iOS 9.1 Is Out And iOS 9.2 Likely getting In To Focus on more resolving issues

Apple iOS 9.1 Is Out And iOS 9.2 Is In.With yesterday’s release of iOS 9.1 Apple has finally pushed out the last bit of iPhone and iPad software that it was publicly testing. With that out of the way, the company has internally shifted its focus to the next mobile OS release on its roadmap: iOS 9.2.

While iOS 9.1 introduced over 150 new emoji icons, iOS 9.2 will likely be focused more on resolving issues discovered with the iPad Pro.

That device will ship with iOS 9.1 pre-installed, so a quick software update after release to address outstanding bugs seems likely.

However, the exact changes in 9.2 are yet to be revealed, and it could include new features or enhancements that Apple has yet to announce.
As with all recent iOS updates, it should enter a developer beta very soon, then enter a public beta testing period a few weeks before release, though there’s no indication of exactly when this process will start.