BlackBerry Priv 4K Video Recording And 64-Bit Processor Confirmed

While BlackBerry already confirmed the existence of its Android-based Priv smartphone, the company has yet to reveal all the details that we want to know about the device. Fortunately, thanks to new hands-on photos posted today by N4BB, we can now see that the smartphone is powered by a 64-bit Processor - most probably. Confirming BlackBerry Priv uses the Adreno 418 GPU with Snapdragon 808.

The Priv’s 18MP Schneider Kreuznach rear-camera is capable of shooting 4k video.

Confirming BlackBerry Priv uses the Adreno 418 GPU with Snapdragon 808.

Priv can shoot 4K video (at 30fps) with its 18 MP rear camera.

Android is notorious for malware and other exploit vulnerabilities, which makes the operating system less secure than others. The Priv is currently running Android OS 5.1.1 and BlackBerry has its own proprietary security app bundled.

The “BlackBerry Safeguard” app lets you view the Priv’s security status. You can view and edit your settings for apps, developer options, screen lock, trusted websites, and more.

The BlackBerry Priv features a dual-curved screen, we’ve seen only on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Edge and Edge+. 

Other than that, the new BlackBerry handset sports a 5.5-inch dual-curve display, When charging, the battery status of the Priv is seen on the right-side of the device.

BlackBerry switched a few things up on the home-button swipe gesture. Typically, in Android, you can long-press the home-button to see three additional shortcuts (usually the main gesture is to swipe up to access Google Now). BlackBerry has changed this to incorporate quick access to the Hub app and device search.

As seen in earlier leaks, the BlackBerry Priv harkens the gorgeous glass-weave back-plate all BlackBerry Z30 users grew to love. The hint of carbon fiber styled back certainly sets the Priv apart from other Android devices.
The BlackBerry Priv is shaping up to be a unique contender in the flooded market of Android smartphones.
The Priv should be released sometime before the end of the year, probably in the US and Canada first. Right now, there's no word on how much the smartphone is going to cost, but we'll let you know as soon as we find out.