Aston Martin CEO: We won't build an SUV because 'boxes aren’t beautiful'

Earlier this year, Aston Martin raised eyebrows when it unveiled a new all-electric concept car. The swoop-y DBX Concept coupe took the auto world by surprise since Aston had never ventured into EV territory. The design was like nothing we'd ever seen before.
When the initial shock wore off, it seemed the DBX was a sign that the luxury British automaker would soon be making an all-electric SUV to battle the soon-to-be-unveiled Tesla Model X.

As for exactly why an Aston SUV wouldn't never come to be, Palmer was succinct. "You cannot make a beautiful SUV; it’s impossible," Palmer told The Drive in a recent interview
"Because the raison d’être of an SUV is basically maximizing versatility, maximizing space, which means you make a box. And boxes aren’t beautiful."
While Volvo might beg to differ, Palmer has a point. Aston Martins, if nothing else, are staggeringly beautiful cars. The recently-unveiled, ultra-luxury Bentley Bentayga SUV, might be good looking, but it's not beautiful — at least not by Aston standards.

The DBX, however, could be a nice compromise for the brand, as it offers a modicum of additional storage capacity without making a "Matterhorn," as Palmer put it.
Moreover, Palmer wants to hang onto the hand-built charm of the brand, something a true SUV might tarnish. This makes sense, too. Bentley admitted to Mashable that it struggled marrying a modern SUV with its old-world hand-assembly plant. Likely Aston will face the same challenges as works to modernize.

Beautiful SUVs aren't necessarily impossible, however. Lamborghini's recently green-lit Urus SUV isn't at all boxy, rather just sharp. And it's certainly stunning. Perhaps Palmer isn't imagining hard enough just how beautiful a rounded-off Aston SUV could be.