An update from August Smart Lock app turns Apple Watch into a door key

User's of an Apple Watch just got another tool to make life easier: a digital door key on their wrists. The functionality comes via the August Smart Lock thanks to an update of the company's iPhone app that allows you to swipe and tap your Apple Watch to open an August Smart Lock-equipped door.
Although the Apple Watch functionality is essentially just a porting of August's iPhone app to your wrist, it immediately makes the notion of using the smart door lock a lot more practical and faster than digging your iPhone out to open a door.In addition to the lock and unlock features, the Apple Watch app also instantly sends you a notification when someone unlocks your door. A silent, Taptic Engine tap on your wrist to alert you to someone entering your home is arguably a lot more seamless than constantly looking for such notifications on your iPhone screen. 

The August Smart Lock costs $250 and you can download the Apple Watch app for free from Apple's App Store.