Next-gen Android M might finally come with built-in visual voicemail

The next big Android update could make it much easier to spot missed voicemail.
Android M, Google's newly announced but not yet publicly released mobile operating system, will reportedly carry visual voicemail in its built-in dialer app, according to an Android issue tracker thread for developers first spotted by tech website Android Police. Like on an iPhone, this would allow users to navigate a list of missed and saved voicemails, so it would be much easier to see who has recently been in touch. 
Although visual voicemail would be a small addition, it would wipe away a slight annoyance: For years, Android users have sought third-party solutions for visual voicemail, typically apps made by carriers such as AT&T themselves. Now users won't have to install extra software.
However, if Google made this available, it would still be up to individual carriers to support the feature. As of now, visual voicemail is only being supported by Orange in France, but it was recently announced that T-Mobile will offer it in the U.S. after Android M is released in the fall. Since the new operating system is in beta, more carriers are expected to support it down the road. All major U.S. carriers support visual voicemail on the iPhone, which has had the feature ever since its first model in 2007.
Visual voicemail will be joined by major systemwide improvements and other new features in Android M. Android Pay will enable contactless payments using fingerprint sensors for authentication (similar to Apple Pay). Google is also promising better battery life, and better control over what system features apps can access. 
But Android M's candy-themed official title? That we don't know yet. Muffin? M&Ms? Marshmallow?