Video Editing App For Your Smartphone From GoPro

GoPro president Tony Bates today revealed the company is on the verge of launching a new mobile app that will allow users to trim and share content right from their phones.

According to Bates, the app is in the final phase of testing and the company expects to launch it by the end of the summer.he app could launch by the end of summer as it is undergoing final testing now. This would be a real godsend for GoPro users who have to use complex video editing software just to produce a one to two-minute video clip.
The new app sounds like a stop-gap solution until the company can fully roll out a cloud service product that will automatically edit video footage. Bates briefly mentioned that the company is pursuing a cloud-based product that will allow owners to view, but currently not edit, footage captured on a GoPro camera on other devices. Last month GoPro CEO and founder Nick Woodman explained that the company would ultimately like this cloud service to create a highlight reel for the content owner.
GoPro today also revealed its second quarter financial earnings, which included a 72% increase in revenue to $420 million, swinging the company to a profit.