Vertu outs three new Signature Collection models in India

If you have a lot of money to spend on a phone, and you choose your phones based more on the materials they're made out of than by what's inside, then Vertu has something for you.
The luxury device maker has launched three new models in its Signature Collection line in India today. They are the Signature Ultimate Black, Signature Red Gold Black DLC, and the Signature White Mother of Pearl.

These aren't smartphones, but Vertu says the Signature Collection still amounts to around 30% of its sales these days even though more and more people are getting smartphones.
The most important things about these new devices are the design, the materials used, and the engineering employed to craft them. They also apparently offer "immaculately clear sound", whatever that may mean. That said, good sound quality will be useful when you get in touch with your Vertu concierge, part of a service that comes with your purchase of such a phone.
The Signature Ultimate Black comes with a black UI. The key legends only appear when the phone is in use, otherwise it's all black. Its "pure black" face is only broken by the Vertu logo. This unit employs diamond like coating (DLC), a screen covered with sapphire crystal, and a leather casing. DLC is said to be ten times harder than stainless steel, despite being only 2 microns thin.
The Signature Red Gold Black DLC adds an 18k red gold trim and select key to the Ultimate Black's formula. Both of these devices come with matching leather cases for you to carry them in.
Finally, the Signature White Mother of Pearl version has a "dazzling" Princess cut diamond select key, a polished white ceramic pillow and pearl-finish, white alligator skin. It also has natural mother of pearl inlays which are set under the sapphire face pieces. This makes each individual unit unique. This model is sold with a matching pearl-finish white alligator skin clutch-style case, thus clearly being the one aimed at women.
Prices start at INR 14,00,000, which is around $22,000 or €19,750. We assume this level is only valid for the Ultimate Black model, whereas the other two should be even more expensive since they can boast either a gold trim or a diamond select key.