VLC for Windows Phone Updated With Bunch Of Features

Good news if you're a fan of VLC media player, as the app has picked up another update today that includes a slew of bug fixes. In terms of functionality, the app has a back button added for the search pages, along with UI fixes for the new responsive design introduced last week. Also, the app now communicates better with Windows Phone's background audio task, bringing down CPU usage dramatically.

These are the changes highlighted in version 1.3.2, per the changelog on the Windows Phone Store:
  • Add back button in Search Pages
  • Fix responsive design and UX issues in Search Pages
  • Lumia 1020/920/925 get Responsive Design fix for issue « Music Player isn't showing all controls in landscape mode »
  • InterProcess communication between the VLC process and the Background Audio Task was using to much CPU to get Position, Time, MediaPlayerState… Now using a cache for those values, CPU consumption went from up to 40% to less than 10%. Great news.
  • Fixed FileNotFoundException when Sharing the now playing album if it has no cover.
  • If a media fails to read, sometimes the app crashed when it wants to display the « can't read media » dialog. It should be fixed.
  • A dozen of tiny bugs/crashes are also fixed.