Side By Side Samsung TouchWiz vs HTC Sense UI Comparison: Vote For The Better User Interface !!

Apart from showing us their newest flagship phones, Samsung and HTC also introduced the newest renditions of their user interfaces - respectively, the newest TouchWiz and Sense 7 UI. They are more polished and streamlined than ever, but which one is superior in terms of looks and on-board features? 

It's so hard to give an definite answer to this question - after all, it's a subjective type of preference, so each and every user has to decide themselves. Both Sense UI and TouchWiz have their own strengths and weaknesses - Sense UI is a boasts slightly less features and is a bit lighter, while TouchWiz is still among the most functional and feature-rich once out there.

We decided to devise a brief clash-down between the two interfaces and ask you which one's the better according to you. Scroll down below, gawk at the screenshots collages right below, and Comment for the better user interface.

Comment for the better user interface !!