Apple Watch comes with a clever foldable charger in the UK

"Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right," Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder who was known for sweating all the details, once said.
The Apple Watch has been described as gorgeous product crafted with the finest attention to materials and details. But Apple didn't stop at the main attraction, it also redesigned something that gets less love: the power adapter. Specifically, the one used in the UK, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia and Singapore.
As you can see in Alex Pardoe's Vine below, the UK power adapter that comes with the Apple Watch has a clever mechanism that allows its prongs to fold up. The change allows the adapter to be more compact; U.K. adapters are normally quite bulky because of its thick, widely -spread prongs. In fact, the UK's plug is the thickest one out there.
The new design will certainly make it easier come packing time. But be prepared to pay extra. Apple is selling the foldable power adapter for £25 (about $38). The non-folding model is still available for £15 (about $23).