Beats Built In ?

It was nearly a year ago that Apple announced it was buying Beats for $3.2 billion. We’ve been waiting since then to see what comes of Beats Music, the streaming service that will presumably be folded into iTunes Radio to offer legitimate competition to Pandora and Spotify. It’s far from guaranteed, but this event could see that announcement—and who knows? Maybe we’ll get some new headphones, too. Anything to replace those horrible EarPods that come with your iPhone.

As ever, there are also a couple of potential wild cards. Will Apple finally talk more about HomeKit, after a year of relative silence? Will it offer a glimpse at the next version of iOS, or update us on the progress of the new Photos app for OS X? Will there be a huge iPad??!!? (There won’t be a huge iPad.) 
Whatever else is on the docket, though, the Apple Watch will be the story. Apple has a lot of convincing left to do before it ships its first wearable next month. It needs to help people understand what this device does, what problems it solves, and how it’s going to fit into our lives. In September, it showed us what it made. Now it’s time to tell us why.